This Guy Gave His Sister A Label Maker As A Wedding Gift And The Results Are Hilarious

What’s the best gift for newlyweds? A blender? A “Live, Laugh, Love” poster? How about a label maker? Joe Arroyo recently found out that the latter was the perfect wedding gift for his sister, Lita. She quickly put the device to good use by creating hilarious labels for regular household items that will make you laugh out loud.

Ever since Joe uploaded Lita’s hilariously creative labels on Facebook, they’ve been liked over 101k and shared over 277k times. Who knew such a simple thing could bring people so much joy!

Ah yes, “Honey, please pass me the laundry sauce” sounds a lot better than “Pass me the detergent”. On the other hand, you might receive some confused looks from your coworkers if you said you ate some “Really young chickens” for breakfast.

“SUMMON THE SINK DEMON!” you scream as you flip the switch and watch your kids’ eyes widen in fear while simultaneously realizing it will take a lot of convincing to prove them the Sink Demon doesn’t actually exist. Or does it? Okay, let’s stop here before this turns into an X-Files episode.

“What else should I label today?” Lita’s thoughts, probably, while she’s moisturizing her raw toast in the morning, waiting for a cup of awake water.

You have to agree, the “Adult Jack in the Box” is way too accurate – you’re just never ready for some “Sudden bread”!

Check out more of Lita’s hilarious labels below!

Looks like Lita received the perfect gift!

People found the labels hilarious

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