This Is How You Steal $300 Million Worth Of Jewelry, Diamonds And Cash


A group of thieves in London raided the city’s diamond district, The Hatton Garden, earlier this month and made off with a record-setting $300 million worth in jewelry, diamonds, and cash. The thieves infiltrated a safe deposit center knowing that many of the jewelers in the area would have left their stock for the Easter weekend. It’s possible the gang of thieves took the entire extended weekend to loot up to 300 safe deposit boxes. This is how they did it:

The robbers disabled the elevator on the second floor and climbed down the shaft to the basement where the vault is located.


Once in the basement, they pried their way through this metal security door.


The vault door looks too difficult to crack.


So they drilled their way through the 20-inch thick concrete to get to the safety deposit boxes.


The hole is only 18 inches wide by 10 inches high.


But that was enough for them to get inside and into about 70 of the deposit boxes. They walked away with $300 million worth of cash and jewels.


Check out this interactive map detailing how police suspect it all went down.


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