Top facts about depression

Did you know that depression can cause you so much pain and negativity because it’s actually destroying nerve cells, which are responsible for positive thinking?

According to the APA (American Psychiatric Association), the most depressing professions are baby-sitting, nursing, catering. Cooks, bartenders, waiters, doctors and social workers are also listed among the people with the most depressive jobs. Also, recent studies show that around ¾ of the US citizens are taking antidepressants. Not only that, but the World Health Organization claims that by 2030 the two most serious causes of medical disability will be HIV/AIDS and depression.


Some studies point out that if we’re depressed, we’re more likely to catch a cold more frequently than other, non-depressed people. Furthermore, deep depression is so serious that 15% of severely depressed people take their own lives every year. 75% of all visits to shrinks are caused by depression.
Depression dates back as early as Hippocrates’ Ancient Greece times.
“Sunny People” is the term experts use in order to refer to those 5% of people, who have never suffered from a depression.
According to some studies on depression, women are twice more likely to suffer from it than men are.
Researches show that around 80% of all the people, who have suffered from a clinical depression and have sought medical treatment, have significantly improved their lives.

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