12 Towns That Are The Strangest Ones In The Whole World

Although all cities and towns are unique in their own ways, these are the strangest ones. Sarcasm provides you with a list of such towns which are hard to believe that they really exist. The world really is full of mysteries.

1. A town without death.

The town Longyearbyen, Svalbard, exist in one of the world’s northernmost part. Here a person can not officially die and be buried in a cemetery. The cemetery here has not been used for 70 years. The all-time frosty climate of this area prevents the dead body from decomposing which invites animals to eat upon them.

2. A town torn between two States.

Many towns of the world have a similar kind of situation. But Büsingen is Hochrhein is an unusual one. Whereas administratively it is a part of Germany, economically it is a part of Switzerland. The strangest fact is it has two postal codes and the citizens use both German and Swiss phone numbers.

3. Welcome to Hell.

It is uncertain from where the town has obtained its name, but the inhabitants are likely to sustain its significance and infernal image. Tourists like taking photographs of themselves with “Welcome To Hell” board.

4. Find Austria in China.

China has always been an extraordinary copier. And this time it has copied a whole town. China has made a replica of an Austrian village of Hallstatt. Although the real estate of the Chinese Hallstatt is more expensive than the original one.

5. The free city in America.

Though this is one of the strangest towns in the world, it has been home for the homeless for many years. Slab city is inhabited by hobos, retirees and people who have no place to go. Though this town has many inconveniences like no running water electricity or addresses, it has the advantage of being free of rent and taxes.

6. A town in a cave.

The whole town of Matmata in southern Tunisia is built within a cave. In 1970s many houses got built on the surfaces but the inhabitants prefer staying underground in their traditional homes.

7. A whole town under one roof.

This might be one of the strangest thing you have heard. A town with population of only 220 people living under one roof in a building. The city of Whittier, Alaska planned this to economize on heating, as the weather is too cold to handle.

8. The town of the Blue.

The walls, doors and stairs and literally everything is painted blue in this town. This town was previously inhabited by the Jews who considered Blue as their sacred colour. Though the Jews are gone, the tradition remains.

9. An alien town.

After a UFO incident in 1947, the town of Roswell, New Mexico came to be known as the Alien City. Well the actual incident is still a subject of debate. The town rejoices it and holds alienated themed festival and even the McDonalds is decorated with alien pictures.

10. A town constructed in an open Sea.

Neft Daşları, or “Oil Rocks”, is an Industrial Town over the sea in Azerbaijan. The whole town is constructed over a metal platform above an oil field. The strangest thing about this town is non resident population. Workers come hair in shifts for few months.

11. A town cut out in a rock.

This town is one of a famous tourist attraction in the world. Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain is built in a huge basalt rock. One of the strangest feature of this town includes how the rocks hang over head instead of the sky in between the buildings.

12. A town where the number of dead is more than people alive.

This is among one of the most strangest towns in the world. Colma, California consists of more than 17 cemeteries. The reason behind this is that once the government decided to relocate all the cemetries from nearby San Francisco.

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