Unexpected Events No One Could Possibly Prepare For

A real Titanic moment

Who’s actually the one spoiling this picture?

Breaking news

When something you adore hurts you a lot:

There’s always a person that makes an event really unforgettable.

When a manufacturer doesn’t like dogs:

“My girlfriend took this picture — it’s the current state of things in Edmonton, Canada.”

When you find chocolate paste instead of beans in tomato sauce and understand that the universe is against your diet:

It was worth its price.

“My Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup had no peanut butter.”

“Reese’s replied to my peanut butter-less cup.”

Are they still married?

Hopelessness looks like this:

“I was walking on the seashore when I found this amber beneath my feet.”

“Ordered a birthday cake from a catalog. Well, it was a surprise.”

Students were obliged to have transparent backpacks and this is what they did:

Just a fresh approach

“Am I the only one who sees the problem?”

The most friendly district in the world

We wish we knew the whole story.

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