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Weekend Randomness: 34 Rad Randoms That Totally Rock

A photo making waves on r/pics depicts a family portrait of two sets of twin couples with predictably similar-looking babies. While joking about dating a twin is one thing, the situation takes a weird turn when both couples link up. “Did you cheat on me with my sister?!” quipped one commenter, to which another responded, “I DON’T KNOW!” Seems like having a type can lead to some unexpected scenarios.

Meanwhile, the viral and disastrous Glasgow W. Wonka experience seems to have avoided these couples and their kids. Recent photos of the green-haired worker show a much happier and engaged demeanor. Additionally, memes for various experiences, including a London Paddington Bear one, are making the rounds. Dive into this edition of Tuesday morning randomness for more quirky content!

Navalny’s grave 2 days after the funerals.

A teacher teaches the physics of surfing -1970.

Identical twin brothers Jeremy and Josh married identical twin sisters Briana and Britanny.

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