What Happened To This Girl On Her Sweet 16 Made A Nightmare Out Of A Birthday

There’s no way to sugar coat this so I’m just going to say it: poop fell from the sky and hit a sweet sixteen birthday party in Pennsylvania this week. You know how a bird pooping on your head can ruin your whole day? Imagine that but with human feces, and a lot more of it. (Not to mention the fact that you’re a 16-year-old girl and all your friends are here and you’re now super embarrassed.) Talk about a party pooper.
It was in Levvitown, Pennsylvania, where one girl’s sweet sixteen party suddenly started smelling a little less sweet. That’s because the sky showered the celebration with some human feces.


A plane was flying by and decided to expel its waste while flying because they apparently forgot how gravity works.


Some of the guests got showered in poop, but luckily the cake had already been moved inside. The birthday girl’s stepdad was prepared for a little cleaning up after the party. This just wasn’t what he had in mind.


This girl should probably get some free plane tickets for her troubles. In any case, the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident, as planes are supposed to drain their waste while at the airport, not while flying over important teenage milestones.

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