You Will Be Smiling Like An Idiot After Seeing These 30+ Wholesome Pictures

When life gives you lemons look at heart-warming photos on the internet. Maybe somebody took your parking spot, shoved you on the metro or was rude to you at the drive-through; whatever the reason, when you have a rough day it is easy to think there are just a bunch of shitty people walking around.

This Dedicated Doctor In South Africa Never Gave Up

After A Woman Was Taken To The Hospital With Hypoglycemia (Low Bloodsugar), Two Policemen Stayed Behind To Prepare Dinner For The Five Kids Who Were Still In The House. Afterwards, They Also Did The Dishes

Mae Bua Chaicheun Is A Rice Farmer. Her Rice Paddies Were Destroyed By The 130 Million Liters Of Water Pumped From The Thai Cave In The Rescue Mission Of 12 Boys. Her Response: “Children Are More Important Than Rice. We Can Regrow Rice But We Can’t Regrow The Children”

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