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10 Murder Victims Who Solved Their Own Deaths From Beyond The Grave

Imagine that you were being held against your will by some really bad men and by the looks of it, you won’t be getting alive out of this. You would probably like to at least make sure that those men get punished by the law. So what are your options?

Option one, you try and leave as many clues behind as possible, not too evident so the bad guys don’t notice them, but easily discoverable by a post-mortem examination. That’s a smart move and has a high chance of success, but it is not always a viable option. So then we are left only with…

Option two, you focus all your energy into becoming a ghost and then looking for someone to haunt and reveal to them the circumstances of your death. It is not guaranteed to work, and no one can tell you the exact odds of this plan being successful, but believe it or not this has worked on more than one occasions as you will find out in the lines below.

As my personal choice, I think I’ll stick with option two, becoming a ghost, then I’ll look for a beautiful psychic (something like Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Ghost whisperer), and then haunt her especially in the bathroom…. Oh and yes, share with her the details of my death so she could point the police to my murderers, and then I can continue haunting her (No passing over to the other side! At least not while she is still young and pretty).

I am currently meditating and working with my spirit to make it stronger, hoping I’d be a badass ghost eventually.

1. The ghost that has revealed the location of his own body

The year is 1826, an Australian farmer by the name of Frederick Fisher has gone missing. Immediately after his disappearance his neighbor George Worrall presented a paper signed by Frederick Fisher, transferring his entire farm to George.

To all of us who read about this today, it seems pretty obvious that George Worrall had something to do with Frederick’s absence, but back in the day George had managed to fool everyone and claim the farm, and it looked that he would get away with it.

For 4 months George’s plan was working, when suddenly Frederick’s ghost had enough of it, and sprang into action.
A man named John Farley was given a visit by Fred’s ghost. The spectral entity pointed toward a creek that was nearby and then vanished. This got Farley pretty freaked out, but apparently he did not hesitate to investigate the location. At that exact location a shallow grave was found and within it the heavily battered body of Frederick all covered in blood. Under those new circumstances George Worrall confessed that he had murdered Fred and was eventually hanged.

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2. The Greenbrier Ghost

Elva “Zona” Hester Shue was a young woman from Greenbrier County, West Virginia. At the age of 23 she met a drifter by the name of Edward Stribbling Trout Shue who had moved to Greenbrier and started work as a blacksmith. They fell in love, and despite her mother’s disapproval, Zona and Edward got married in the last months of 1896.

On January 23rd, 1897 just a short time after the wedding Elva was found dead at her home, by an errand boy dispatched by Edward. The local doctor and coroner George W. Knapp was called in, but he didn’t arrive until one hour later. By that time Edward has moved his wife’s body to the bedroom dressing her and preparing her for the funeral. He dressed her with a high neck dress with a stiff collar, and placed a veil over her face. When the coroner arrived, Edward was seemingly mourning near his dead wife’s body, and he wouldn’t let her go, he got aggressive when the doctor made attempts to closely examine the body. The doctor obviously didn’t want dig into the mess and pinned the cause of death to be “everlasting faint” whatever that might mean.

Zona’s parents received the news, and her mother was pretty sure that her husband is responsible for her death, however she had no way of proving it. During the funeral some people did notice that Zona’s head seemed loose, and Edward was stuffing pillows and folded sheets around her head, presumably to make it more comfortable, but apparently no one dared to question Edward. The funeral was on the next day after her death, the 24th of January, 1897 in the local cemetery, which exists to this day and is now called Soule Chapel Methodist Cemetery.

Some four weeks after the burial Zona’s ghost began haunting her mother’s dreams, and in the course of four nights she revealed the reason for her death. She gave a visual explanation, turning her head at 180 degrees, pretty much like that scene from “The Exorcist”, indicating that her neck had been broken.

Zona’s mother now knowing the truth, arranged for an exhumation and a proper autopsy, which this time revealed that her neck has indeed been broken. Edward was then prosecuted, and sentenced to prison for life, however he died from an unknown illness just a couple of years after his imprisonment.

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