10 Unexplained Mysteries That Prove Earth Is a Crazy Place

7. El Chapo’s great escape

No one thought it was possible to break out of the Altiplano maximum security prison, but the Mexican drug cartel’s leader Guzman, also known as El Chapo, has made the impossible possible. He drilled a hole in a shower cell and escaped through a specially made underground tunnel on a bike! He ended up in a safe house long before the guards even noticed he was missing. This story is worthy of a TV show! His whereabouts remained a mystery for a long time, until he was re-captured during a raid by Mexican marines.

6. Ghost ships filled with corpses

More than a dozen boats filled with corpses sailed to the northwestern shores of Japan. All of them were filled with decomposing bodies, but showed no signs of foul play. Authorities couldn’t figure out the reason people on the wooden ships had died, nor were they able to find out where the ships came from. Some of them had remains of what seemed to be a North Korean flag, but investigators still can’t say for sure. The boats have been showing up since 2013 and they keep on coming!

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