10 Unexplained Mysteries That Prove Earth Is a Crazy Place

5. Life on Saturn’s moon

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has reached Saturn and its 62 moons back in October. The brave piece of space tech even made a daring dive into an icy eruption on Enceladus, one of the planet’s moons that is an extraterrestrial ocean. It’s a pity that Cassini isn’t equipped with gadgets that can detect life forms. But Enceladus may still be chock-full of germs and become a habitable environment for our future explorations.

4. 120,000 antelopes dead in just two weeks

More than a third of the global population of saiga antelopes died out in Kazakhstan in a span of just two weeks. It’s the largest and most tragic event of such kind ever reported! Scientists still don’t know what caused this, although a combination of biological and environmental issues might be involved. Many blame the rocket fuel and noise pollution caused by the many space launches from the facility. Russia is the principal client of the Baikonur Cosmodrome that’s located in Kazakhstan.

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