15 Of The Most Dangerous Convicted Underaged Killers In The World

Sinister and disturbing crimes occur each day. There are always new stories about crimes and abuse from every part of the country. The media grabs hold of these stories because, unfortunately, tragedy sells better than happiness.

What is really worrying is that young individuals are involved. You could even say that a substantial number of kids nowadays are at all not the little angels they should be. For example, take the case of James Bulger, who was only three years old, when two ten-year olds abducted and brutally killed him in 1993.

People all over the world were horrified by the savage act and did not understand how such a thing could happen.

In fact, stories like these are nothing new – history remembers a lot of similar cases.

Most recent shootings in schools were committed by kids. In fact, there are similar stories all through history.
Such as Mary Bell fifty years ago, Jesse Pomeroy a century and half ago, and even in the mid-18th century there was a ten-year old murderer by the name of William York.

You can bet there were some even before that, and there will certainly be more to come in future. Kids killing and committing shocking crimes. Let’s check out 15 of the worst child crimes below.

1. In a rage rant Cristian Fernandez brutally killed his little brother

The now 19-year old murderer is expected to be released from jail next month after close to eight years served. He killed his defenseless two-year old half-brother by hitting his head against a bookshelf numerous times. After a while, he realized what he had done and simply carried him to his bed. Fernandez was arrested in 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida, where he became the youngest murderer in the history of Duval County.

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2. Jordan Brown was too jealous of his father’s pregnant fiancee

This 11-year old boy was apparently painfully jealous of the fact that his father’s fiancé was pregnant. He thought the new baby would steal his father’s love and attention from him, so he decided to eliminate the problem, literally. He grabbed his shotgun, which his father had gifted him for Christmas, and shot and killed 26-year old Kenzie Houk in her sleep, which led to the baby’s death as well. Brown has been already released from jail and is now 18 years old. We can only hope that he has remorse for what he has done and will never kill again.

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3. India was horrified by Amardeep Sada’s killing spree

Amardeep Sada killed several children back in 2007, starting with his six-month old baby cousin. After he smashed his head with a brick, he did the same horrific thing to his baby sister and then to the neighbors’ child. What is even more shocking is the fact that some of the neighbors knew what he had done, but nobody informed the authorities about this, calling it a family matter. The chance to prevent a second or third death wasn’t taken. The murderer was only eight years old at the time.

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