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20+ Astonishing Animals Whose Size Is Beyond Our Understanding

Animals come in such different shapes and sizes, some of which will make you redefine how you think things works. We live in a world where you can see enormous rabbits and tiny horses. Whether they or astonishingly big or small, some of these animals will make you want to get your eyes checked.

There are so many wonders from under the sea, like this giant Leatherback sea turtle.

This Flemish Giant rabbit can certainly play with the big dogs.

Say hello to my little friend… his name is Tank.

Big Jake, a Belgian Gelding horse, broke a Guinness World Record with his height.

We’re heading to Wonderland!

“It’s a bear! It’s a mammoth! No, it’s a giant dog!”

This huge stingray almost looks like a giant pancake!

Just imagine what he looked like as a tadpole!

The Attacus Atlas moth is one of the largest moths in the world.

Here’s a bird so tiny that it can fit inside the palm of your… fingers.

Coconut crabs are known to climb trees to eat coconuts.

This Brookesia micra chameleon can fit on the tip of a finger.

The Pemba flying fox can have a wingspan of over 5 feet.

This tiny lizard is actually a dwarf crocodile.

The Leatherback sea turtle is the largest living turtle in the world.

There’s only enough room on this finger for… 2 monkeys.

This rabbit weighs around 20 pounds!

Deep down, all big dogs are just big puppies.

Here are 2 tiny starfish that can fit in the palm of your hand… with room to spare.

Part wolf… part dog… all heart!

Bonus: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the pony is small or if the dog is just that big.

Do you know of any giant animals? Or animals whose size is strange in other ways? Let us know!

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