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30 Times Real Estate Agents Had To Deal With The Weirdest Homes

When it comes to selling real estate, great picture are a must. But sometimes the places can be so terrible, real estate agents have to go out of their way to make them look presentable. Sadly, not all succeed.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos is a blog that, as the name suggests, collects the worst property photos taken by real estate agents. From bizarrely placed toilets to literal pigs inside rooms, the photos are so bad, they’re hilarious.

Check out the worst real estate photos in the gallery below!

Not so great for swimming but looks excellent for planting crops.

That’s a cute pet, what’s his name?

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen this horror movie.

Well, at least it’s not leopard print.

You can’t go wrong with more doors… right?

At least they removed the body before taking the picture

In case nature calls when you’re climbing the stairs.

We wonder what that graffiti on the wall is saying…

At least you’d be well prepared in case of a fire.

Imagine the echo here.

Only missing a fireplace and a box of fine cigars.

Let’s hope that fridge never breaks down – it might be a difficult replacement.

A perfect basement for all your satanic ritual needs.

Ahh, inspired by the good old days of 17th century dresses and CRT TV’s.

Excuse me, sir, your ceiling fan is melting.

Shh, don’t disturb the mattresses, they’re drinking.

Ready for the world’s oddest game of musical chairs.

“Optical illusion” is the latest trend in bathroom design.

Honestly, this one kind of looks like a picture from an IKEA catalog.

Interesting choice of wall decoration but who are we to judge?

Does the pile of clothes come with the apartment or will it cost extra?

Comes with a free pet, sweet!

“Can I come out now?”

‘Creepy’ does not even begin to cover it.

“I feel like a mosaic of a crooked mermaid with a ping pong paddle would really tie the room together”.

Perfect for spending those long winter nights looking outside the window so you don’t have to look at your empty apartment.

Did Andy Warhol live here at some point?

Looks like something you create when you run out of money playing The Sims.

To be honest, it takes skill to create such a clutter.

Now, we’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure you may have a small mold problem.

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