30 Behind-the-Scenes Shots That Show a New Side of Hollywood

This guy has a wonderful job:

Deadpool’s makeup preparation

The cloak is not real!

It looked like pure graphics in the movie, but in reality, this monster exists and it’s huge.

It had to explode anyways.

A freshly-painted silicone newborn baby

Skillful hands can turn a beautiful girl into an ugly creature.

The moment when an actor has to imagine snakes:

There’s something magical about how they disguise real hair.

To animate a big gorilla, some tricks should be applied.

Not all the costumes can be physically created, so actors have to act in this.

While a cameraman can look like a real Robocop.

Game of Thrones sets the record in outstanding prosthetic makeup.

To shoot a killer whale, you need not one, but actually one and a half of a killer whale.

This monster is also “real.”

An unexpected city landscape

A small copy of a tank for an Indiana Jones’ movie

Shooting on a run is some sort of adventure in itself.

While looking for a right angle, huge constructions can be built.

Made-up characters can be amazingly realistic when necessary.

The ring from The Lord of the Rings in its actual size

Actors can mess with each other during breaks.

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