30 Photos That Put The Mystery Of Our Existence Into Stark Perspective

6. You’ll also realize that the Earth isn’t so big when compared to the ringed planet Saturn. Just think: you could actually fit the entirety of six separate Earths within the width of Saturn’s rings.

7. In case you’ve ever wondered, this is what our point of view would be if Earth had rings like Saturn. That sure would be an incredible addition to our view of the moon, don’t you think? It’s like a scene from a sci-fi film!

8. A comet might look fairly tiny as it zips through the solar system from your perspective, but this view of what Los Angeles looks like compared to the size of an average comet will help you realize just how massive they truly are.

9. None of that compares to how small the Earth is in relation to the sun, however. Obviously, the sun is enormous, especially since it’s able to heat our planet and even burn your skin from such a great distance!

10. Here’s another comparison, just in case we’re not being clear. Remember when you saw how many Earths could fit inside of Saturn’s rings? Well, just take a look at how Saturn and the other planets stack up to our local star.

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