30 Rude Customers Who Should Be Sent Back to The Hell They Hail From

Anyone who’s worked a service job can attest to the fact that people suck. Like really, really suck . And there isn’t much we can do to change that — people have sucked for many centuries — for millennia. But now we have cameras.

1. Food Fight In Public

2. Customers Assaulted Me With Drinks And Food. My Back Is Bruised By How Hard A Grown Man Threw His Drinks At Me. Can I Press Charges?

3. This Mother

4. Restaurant Customer Caught Taking An Upskirt Picture Of Underage Host

5. This Grown Man Throwing His Candy Wrappers For Me To Sweep Up During Work

6. I’m A Waitress. I Gave This Table Everything They Needed, Quickly, And Get This Lovely Tip

7. The Shade

8. Just Chillin At The Coffee Shop

9. Letting Your Kid Watch A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant

10. At My Local Chinese Buffet’s Restroom, Why Are People This Way

11. If You Do This Because “Someone Is Paid To Clean It Up” Frick You

12. Letting Your 9 Year Old Kids Eat The Watermelon In The Salad Put It Back. They Were Also Poking The Fruit

13. Couple Prioritizes Their Food Over A Dying Man

14. This Is What Someone Left At A Buffet Because They Were Mad They Found 2 Dirty Plates And Were Asked To Wear A Mask

15. Squatting On A Restaurant Table For A Picture

16. Watched This Family Put These Trays Full Of Food On The Ground Instead Of Cleaning It Up. I Only Cleaned It Up After I Watched Someone Trip Over It

17. This Lady Has Been On The Phone Since She Sat Down, While Her Kid Is Running Around Doing This To The Salt Shakers

18. Nice Restaurant- Kid Watching Cartoons On Volume 100

19. Trashy And Just Plain Stupid

20. He Found The One Good Seat

21. Make Yourself At Home, But In A Public Starbucks

22. This Family Let Their Kid Crawl All Over The Restaurant Floor, Nearly Tripping Several Servers

23. I Was Waiting For My Order At Pizza Hut When This Girl Comes Out Of The Bathroom With A Roll Of Toilet Paper. Needless To Say, She Left The Restaurant With It

24. Dog Owners Who Think This Is OK In A Restaurant

25. Gender Reveal In A Restaurant? Why Not I Guess

26. Smoking In A Non-Smoking Restaurant Because You Do What You Have To

27. The Absolute State That People Have Left This KFC In

28. If You’re A Parent, Do Not Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

29. She Demanded A Child Seat And The Confused Waiter Brought One

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