We have been warned many times that Coca is not good for our health. For sure Coca Cola is the most valuable brand in the history. However, the beverage is absolutely poisonous for the human metabolism.The people who consume Coca Cola have increase the risk of heart attack by 48%, compared to one who don’t. A recent study proved that Coca Cola consumption is associated with breathing and lung disorders. Interesting fact is that we can use Coke as an acidic cleaner.The amount of acid in Coke is enough to get away the enamel of your teeth.We can use Coke as a domestic cleaner.Yes! And that’s not a joke! Here are some practical ways you can use Coke:
-remove grease stains from your clothes
-remove blood stains
-cleans burnt pans
-remove stains from the carpet and Coke can even clean the toilet(pour the Coke in the toilet and wait a few minutes).
So now, can you imagine what Coke does to your stomach? If you still can’t quit this bad habit check the following experiment out.For sure when you see it your life will change!

1. The experiment is simple. You just need of Coca Cola and milk.

2. Pour some of the milk into the Cola.


3. Mixture have to sit 6 hours.


4. The results are shocking


5. At the top of the bottle you,ll see muck


6. The bottom is worse,because it looks like a garbage


The experiment proof that the beverage is unhealthy for you.Next time when you buy Coca think about our experiment and the reflection on your body.

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