6-Year-Old Ends Up Saving A Man’s Life After No One Would Listen To Him

It isn’t too often that a drive home turns into a quest to save someone’s life. Surely it is more common to swerve around an animal, get honked at, or stop for gas, but a simple drive home really did turn into a heroic adventure the day Karter Thorpe of Virginia told his grandma Carolyn Cook to stop her car.

Carolyn didn’t believe Karter when he said there was a man lying on the ground of the parking lot, but he was persistent. In fact, Carolyn was looking to prove Karter wrong when she glanced over…and then she realized that he was right.

So, Carolyn stopped her car and the two immediately went into action.

In Franklin, Virginia, a 6-year-old boy named Karter Thorpe was in the car with his grandmother Carolyn Cook when she made a wrong turn and had to pull into a parking lot to correct her course. When she did, Karter told her to stop for a man who was lying on the ground.

Carolyn thought that Karter was exaggerating, and didn’t stop at first, but persistent Karter kept telling her to stop because the man needed help. He recalled to News 3,”I said that a few times and then she turned around to show me I was wrong.”

But Karter was right. Carolyn said she saw the man lying next to his truck, gasping for air. “[Karter] would not take ‘no’ for an answer, he was determined and I’m glad he was,” she said. The two got out of the car to help.

Carolyn called 9-1-1 while another passerby stopped to perform emergency CPR on the man. Once an ambulance came and took the man to the hospital, Carolyn and Karter resumed their drive home.

The man’s family contacted Carolyn on Facebook and told her that the man was having a heart attack. It turns out, he would have died if Carolyn and Karter hadn’t stopped to help. The man’s family now calls Karter their little angel.

As the man regains his strength in the coming weeks, the two families plan to meet. Carolyn said, “I still get weepy. I’m just thankful. Thankful that God put me in that parking lot when he did.

No one could have predicted how Karter’s persistence would help save a life, but everyone involved is grateful to him. The unbelievable little boy is too adorable to miss in his interview with WAVY TV 10. 

Karter is a real hero! Hopefully he will not stop helping people out when he sees that they need it. It’s no wonder the man’s family calls him their little angel!

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