Photos That’ll Make You Say “I Want A Love Like That”

You’ll either happy-cry or feel very lonely reading through these.

1. This coordinated couple.

2. The guy who hypes his girlfriend’s makeup routine.

3. The husband who got an award.

4. These Jeopardy!-watching parents.

5. These lovey-dovey cats.

6. The couple who still drunk-flirts.

7. The girl who was overjoyed at even a simple present.

8. This cute proposal.

9. This grandpa’s date night.

10. This couple’s box of letters.

11. This girl’s Snapchatting mom.

12. This attentive BF.

13. These joyful parents.

14. Lil’ Jeremy.

15. This girl’s truly original gift.

16. And this girl, who just got a gift for herself.

17. And finally, this person who just loves themselves.

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