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A 2030 Time Traveler Passed Lie Detector Test About ‘Future Predictions’

There’s a man out there who is claiming to be from the future—the year 2030, to be exact. He refers to himself as Noah. He has made a bunch of predictions about the future in regard to what he all have in store over the next decade or so.

Noah claims to be 50 years of age, but has told Paranormal Elite that he looks only 25 because of an age rejuvenating drug. He also allegedly suffers from depression as well as anorexia.

He was interviewed by Apex TV recently, and Noah was quizzed regarding his authenticity and predictions and such—which should be expected, considering he claims to be from the future.

For starters, Noah claims that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States in 2020. He also claims that phones will start to get bigger around 2030—which sort of makes sense, considering how large the latest iPhone models can be.

Noah also says that robots that are able to properly run a home are slowly being introduced, and that electric cars will be able to travel 600 miles per hour. According to him, time travel will be possible for the public as of 2028—which just happens to be the year that human beings manage to travel to Mars.

The good news is that certain diseases will have been cured by 2030, including forms of cancer.
Also, artificial intelligence will be a big thing starting in 2021 or so; there will also be a popular device that will resemble Google glasses. That device will, according to “Noah”, have the processing power of today’s computers, and they’ll “take over” as of 2030.

According to a lie detector machine—and we should note that the results are not visible—what Noah is saying about the future is true. A green header that says “true” allegedly lights up.

Apex TV admits that they did a lie detector test on “Noah”, the alleged time traveler. Noah claims to be stuck in the year 2018. An x-ray of his wrist was purportedly done, as he claimed it housed technology from the future. If the x-ray and Apex TV is to believed, there is some sort of foreign object in Noah’s wrist—one that Noah did not want removed by a surgeon.

As we mentioned, a lie detector machine seems to indicate that Noah is telling the truth. So it is possible that “Noah” is from the future?

The concept of time travel has existed since ancient times. For example, the possibility of traveling through time exists in Hindu mythology. The relativity of time has been mentioned in Buddhism, as well.

Of course, there are early science fiction stories that depict time travel in one form or another. A period of prolonged sleep could be considered time travel, after all; a character sleeps for a long time and wakes up in a time period far different from the one he or she fell asleep in.

The Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol sees the protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge going back and forth in time, but his “travel” is caused by ghosts trying to make him a better man.

A “time machine” of sorts was featured in a story written in 1881, written by a man named Edward Page Mitchell. The story, called The Clock That Went Backward, was published in the ‘New York Sun’. In that story, a clock runs backwards, transporting people back in time. Arguably, the first appearance of a true “time machine” was in The Time Machine, which came out in 1895 and was written by H. G. Wells.

People are obviously fascinated by the possibility of traveling back in time, but many scientists believe that doing so is not possible, or is at least highly unlikely. One of the potential problems of being able to do so is causality. Think of the “grandfather paradox”. If you were to travel back through time in order to kill your own grandfather before your father was conceived, what would happen then? You, as the time traveler, would not exist, right? Which means that you wouldn’t exist to kill your grandfather before he could conceive your father.

In general, the “grandfather paradox” refers to any inconsistency that may result from going back in time to change the past, and it was actually first described as early as 1931.

So chances are that “Noah” is not actually from the future. However, if he is, we’re likely in for an interesting 11 years or so.

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