A young couple got stuck in unlocked closet for two days while under influence

These two certainly made fools of themselves before even making the headlines.


Amber Campbell and John Arwood decided to break into the Marine and Environmental Science Center located in Dayton, Florida, US. Official reports state that the couple managed to successfully break into the facility and into a janitor’s closet. While in the closet and heavily intoxicated, they somehow became convinced that they were locked in. They spent two days in there while under the influence of crack and crystal meth. The 25 year old Amber and the 31 year old John decided that the only way out was to call the police for help. When the cops arrived at the facility they quickly located the couple by the unpleasant stench coming from the closet. Funnily enough, the closet wasn’t locked at all and police officers couldn’t even see a lock on the cupboard. However, the duo weren’t able to enjoy their newfound freedom for long, because they were arrested and jailed shortly after the police freed them from the closet.

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