A Chinese woman decided to “install” a stove in her car in order to keep her warm

Not all of us have the chance to lie in the warmth and comfort of our beds. Take this woman for example. Li Xiufang, a Chinese woman from the town of Jiangcheng located Guangdong province of China, works as a saleswoman.


The poor lady has to wake up every day, park her car on the side of the road and wait for some potential customer to buy antifreeze from her, while she’s trying not to freeze to death or wear out her own vehicle’s battery. In order to keep warm and all the same cook during her working hours, Xiufang has come up with a strange solution to her problem. The woman has “installed” a small stove with a huge set of chimney pipes in her car. Instead of a having passenger seat, she has the stove to rely on when it comes to keeping warm and cooking some meals.
The end of the handmade chimney goes all the way through the window of her vehicle, but that doesn’t seem to bother the woman. After all, the strange apparatus is providing her with enough warmth without the need to wear out her car’s accumulator.

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