An Impossibly Small Horse Has Broken World Records – And Will Steal Your Heart

There are plenty of kids out there who dream of having their own pony or horse one day. But after they see Thumbelina, the dwarfed, miniature horse, she will be the only horse they want.

This adorable little horse is recognized as the smallest horse in the entire world and has galloped (or at least trotted) into the hearts of all those who have met her, including those she visits at children’s hospitals. Check out her story below.

Thumbelina was born on May 1, 2001, to two miniature horse parents.



She currently lives at Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri, where she runs and plays, and is taken care of by Paul, Kay, and Michael Goessling.


Here’s owner and handler Michael Goessling and Thumbelina meeting a new friend.


The tiny tot stands at 17.5 inches tall and weighs only 57 pounds, making her the smallest horse in the world.


For some perspective, here she is next to one of the biggest horses in the world.


She even holds a world record!


In 2006, she was recognized as the smallest horse in the world by Guinness World Records.

She was born with dwarfism, a rare condition that isn’t bred. Since she has some issues walking, she was given special shoes that help her run and play with all the other mini horses she lives with.


Besides needing special shoes, she’s a healthy, happy horse. She loves munching on apples and carrots just as much as the next filly.

Thumbelina even does charity work, visiting thousands of kids in hospitals and clinics all over the U.S.


The kids absolutely love Thumbelina. She brings smiles to people’s faces wherever she goes.


Thumbelina is adorable. And it certainly is great that she has all the love and attention she needs. She is one special little horse.

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