Comics That I Really Spent Too Much Time Making, So I Hope You Like Them

“Hi! My name is Oliver, and I started making comics a little over a year ago, just because I came up with some ideas and I was bored enough to draw them out on my tablet. I posted my first comic, Insomnia, the 23rd of August of 2016, and I have to say it was really bad.

I kept making these comics week after week, and as time passed and my drawings progressed, I started to gain a very small following on an app called IFunny. This motivated to keep making comics. And so came my 50th comic, which was a remake of my first comic, Insomnia. As I kept going, I came to realize that I wan’t able to stop making comics. And so I made 60, 70, 80… It was also thanks to this app that I got my name, Infinipop Comics, so that’s something worth mentioning.

The 23rd of August 2017, exactly a year after I posted my first comic, I branched out to Instagram, where my account has now reached over 12000 followers in three months, with my most popular comic, Firefighter, reaching an astonishing 18000 likes. At the same time, I got verified and Featured twice on IFunny (gathering over 110000 likes).

But it’s not about the numbers. As a creator, finding out that so many people laughed at your comics and reading all the nice comments people leave, you can’t help but feel incredibly motivated to keep up the [good] work.”

My journey so far has been fantastic, and I hope this doesn’t stop anytime soon, ’cause I’m having a blast. Anyway, thanks for reading all of this, and thanks for checking out my comics!

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