Did You Know That A Tiny Madagascan Spider Produces The Toughest Biological ….

Nature has created numerous extraordinary and bizarre animals and plants that continue to amaze us with their behavior and habits. Darwin’s bark spider (Caerostris darwini) is one of these interesting creatures.

The spider is found in Madagascar and is known to produce the toughest biological material discovered so far. The size of the spider is really small – it barely reaches the size of a half dollar coin – but this animal makes huge webs that are up to 25 m long and span over rivers. Their total size can reach 2.8 m2.


The silk produced by the Darwin’s bark spider is extremely tough. In fact, scientists have discovered that the silk of the spider is 10 times stronger than a Kevlar piece of the same size. This makes it the toughest biological material known to us so far.
As you can see, nature works in its unique way and there are creatures that we still need to study and explain.

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