Did You Know That A Woman Found 100 Million In Her Safe Only To Be Told It’s Worth Nothing Because …

Not long time ago an Italian woman named Claudia Moretti inherited a huge estate after her uncle passed away. Many people have the incredible dream of stumbling upon a huge load of cash and for Claudia it actually came true. After just one day at her new estate she was able to find a hidden safe deposit box that belonged to her uncle. When she opened it she discovered around 100 million lire.


Unfortunately the lucky discovery quickly turned into a nightmare for Claudia when she was presented with devastating news. The money she discovered is no longer in circulation. The lira is Italy’s old currency. Her country adopted the Euro back in January 1st 2002 and the bank refused Claduia’s request of exchanging the money.

If it was in the US the 100 million Claudia discovered would be worth of $72,000.  To make the matters worse the Italian central bank has set a deadline for all residents who wanted to exchange their old banknotes for new ones at December 6th 2011.  The poor woman was late with 2 years for exchanging her fortune to Euros.  Mrs. Moretti allegedly contacted lawyers to find a way of convincing the bank to exchange her old money.

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