Did you know that a wristband can unlock your BitCoin wallet by using only your….

Very soon all fans of the smartphones and other similar digital consumer electronic devices will be able to access their online Bitcoin accounts just with the help of an easy to wear customized wristband.

Toronto-based company Bionym Inc., a leader in breakthrough biometric recognition software, developed a product called Nymi. A company spokesperson announced recently that one of the first applications for their one-of-a-kind wristband will be the Bitcoin wallet.


With this application they want to solve the problem which every Bitcoin user has: people have no idea where their finances are stored and who can access them. With the use of the Nymi wristband the answer will be quite simple. The wristband itself is the portable easy to wear wallet. The biometric data of an individual or more specifically his ECG unique heartbeat signature wave will make sure the wristband is available only to its lawful owner.

The Nymi is already available for pre-purchase from Bionym at the price of $79 but when the company reaches its goal of 25,000 sold wristbands the price will go up to $99.

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