Did you know that Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, has a vocal range of..

How great is Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist Axl Rose really? Here’s a tiny little hint – he’s greater than Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Steven Tyler and Christina Aguilera.

We all know that Aguilera, Tyler and Carey are one of the most talented singers of our age. There’s absolutely no doubt in their greatness. But have you actually wondered what their vocal range is? If you haven’t researched them, you will most definitely be shocked by the fact that all of them are actually outshined by none other, but Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist Axl Rose.


Is that really possible? Yes, it is. Let’s review all of these singers’ vocal ranges separately.
Beyonce has a vocal range of three and a half octaves. Beyonce’s famous high notes actually don’t go any higher than E6, while her lowest note is A2. Both of these notes can be heard in her songs Happy Face and Party.

Steven Tyler’s highest note is also E6, which can be heard in Aerosmith’s timeless hit Crazy. His lowest note is D2, which means he can sing a variety of notes combined in just over 4 octaves.
Mariah Carey’s lowest note drops down to F2, which can be heard in her song Sweetheart. On the other hand, her high notes are simply enviable. She can perfectly hit G7 – something not even a single one of the most popular recording artists of all times. Carey’s vocal range is a total of 5 octaves.
Last, but not least, Christina Aguilera’s voice is iconic. She can easily hit both low and high notes. Her vocal range varies from C3 to C#7 – 4 enviable octaves.

All of the above mentioned artists are remarkable. However, Axl Rose’s voice is greater than all of theirs. Guns N’ Roses’ frontman’s vocal range spreads over more than 5 octaves! Rose can hit any note from F1 to B6!


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