Did you know that Diet Coke actually makes you…

If you thought that your favorite Diet Coke was sugar free and it guaranteed your slim waste, you were so, so terribly wrong! Most people think that a Diet Soda or another zero sugar fizzy drink will help them sustain their diet while at the same time not deprive them of the sweet taste a regular fizzy drink has to offer. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth. In reality, zero sugar fizzy drinks still contain sugar.


They might be artificially sweetened, but the sole fact that they are fizzy drinks and are sweet has to tell you something. Better yet, take a look at what an expert has to say about your favorite Diet Coke. Sharon Fowler, who is working for the University of Texas’ Health Science Center located in San Antonio, Texas, US, has proof that diet fizzy drinks are bad for your health.
A ten years long study was made public back in 2014. It revealed the process of weight gain among 749 adult participants.

All of them are now 65 years old and older, but they were 10 years younger when the research started. Part of the participants took in fizzy drinks on regular basis (some of them even daily), while the rest of them didn’t drink any. Over the course of a decade they went to a total of three check-ups. Their measurements diversified as following: the participants, which didn’t drink Diet Soda, increased their waistlines by 0.80 inches, the ones, who took in fizzy drinks occasionally, had a 1.83 inches increase, while the ones, who drank Diet Coke and Diet Soda on daily basis, experienced a 3.16 inches increase in their waistlines.
According to Fowler, the “diet” and “zero sugar” drinks drank over the course of a decade were responsible for abdominal obesity. In other words, stop drinking Diet Coke!

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