Did you know that eco-friendly designer is transforming garbage into…

When it comes to fashion, designers can get quite insane. Using all sorts of materials apart from fabric is nothing new. However, this particular designer is taking insanity to a whole new level.

Meet Kristen Alyce, a 28 year old fashion designer from New York. When she studied fine arts at college she realized just how much food she was throwing away.


That’s when she decided to do something with the garbage instead of just wasting the food and the discarded packages. She started designing dresses out of juice bottles, Skittles wrappers and all sorts of other food-related junk packages. After working in the fashion industry during Fashion Week in New York, she decided to actually make her small garbage project commercial. That’s how she created Garbage Gone Glam – an innovative and eco-friendly line of dresses made out of garbage.
What’s even more shocking than the materials used for the dresses is the fact that they are as costly as any designer piece of clothing. Kristen’s dresses cost up to $1,500 and the custom ones can reach up to $2,000. Her company has offices both in Florida and New York and by the looks of it, Kristen’s dresses are a total success.


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