Did you know that in 2005 a 13 year-old baby was born after…

A healthy baby girl was born after spending 13 years as a frozen embryo.The baby’s mother is from US and she had been undergoing IVF for 10 years with no success. It is thought that this is one of the few embryos who has been frozen and born healthy. The baby Laina Beasley had two siblings who were conceived through IVF at the same time as she was frozen, which practically make them a triplets.
Debbi Beasley began her fertility treatment in 1990 and the doctors used her eggs and her husband’s sperm to make 12 embryos. Debbi became pregnant with triplets,but lost the one during the pregnancy. The twins Jeffrey and Carieigh were born in 1992.


Three years later Debbi and her husband found out that their doctor Ricardo Asch and his colleagues from the hospital were accused of taking eggs and embryos from parents without telling them. The clinic was closed and doctor Asch left US. Some of Debbi’s embryos had been send to an East Coast University for experiments and they managed to find them. Later in 1996 Debbi and her husband Kent decided that they want to have one more baby using the frozen embryos. The doctors had told them that the chances of success for the embryo to survive is 20%. Debbi had two embryos thawed for transfer. Her body reaction has been severe and she went into a shock. Seven years later she decided to have a baby again. Debbi had six remaining embryos. Four embryos survived and they were all transferred to Debbi’s womb. In an interview Debbi said “I put my hand over my lower abdomen and said, ‘Welcome Home’. They had been in a cold place for so long. Now it was over. Whether God took them to heaven or they became babies, it was OK.” One of the healthy embryos is Laina. The baby was born 5 weeks earlier. Debbi said: “I still look at her and can’t believe it. I smell her and kiss her and I still can’t believe she is here.”

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