Did you know that Melanie Gaydos has become a top fashion model despite her rare genetic…

Meet Melanie Gaydos, a woman, whose story is truly inspirational. Melanie was born 26 years ago with a rare genetic disease called Ectodermal Dysplasia. It caused her teeth, nails and hair to mutate abnormally.


Melanie has very little hair on her body and she still has 3 baby teeth, although they are grown out and are slowly decaying. She had a rough start in life and was bullied by other kids on regular basis. She was so frustrated about her looks and the way other people’s attitude were making her feel that she was about to commit a suicide when she was 16. Fortunately, she managed to overcome her depression and to beat every other obstacle, which life threw in her face, on her way to becoming an international fashion model. Shortly after Melanie moved to New York she started working with various people in the fashion industry via Craigslist ads. Nowadays she’s a top model.

When asked about her present day life, Melanie replies that she’s happy working as a full-time model, because she gets to travel the world, act, and work with a great number of people from different countries.

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