Did you know that People pace while talking on the phone, because…

Have you ever wondered why people start pacing back and forth while they are talking on their phone? There’s actually a scientific explanation for it.
We all do unconscious moves when we are talking on the phone with somebody. Some people draw scribbles, others play around with whatever they find around them – a pen, a lighter, a box, any sort of random item.

Most people, however, just start pacing back and forth whenever they are talking with somebody on the other line. You probably have noticed it and you’ve wondered why we do all of these unconscious things on the phone. And, of course, there’s actually a perfectly good explanation for all of it.
The reason behind these back and forth pacing moves lies deep in our minds. Whenever we’re having a conversation with a person, who is right in front of us, we are used to getting “feedback” from that person – hand gestures, body postures, and facial expressions. All of those things express different emotions and we can clearly see what the person in front of us has to say about different topics. On the other hand, when we’re talking on the phone, we don’t really get this type of physical “feedback”, unless it’s a video call. Of course, we can hear the emotion in the other person’s voice, but we can’t see them in front of us.
Thus, our own body reacts to the lack of visual feedback by simply making unconscious moves. We often don’t even register them, but we still perform them. By pacing back and forth the emotions that we feel are actually transferred into a physical action.
In a way, the back and forth pacing moves can be reviewed as passing emotions, gestures and facial expressions back and forth between you and the person, who is on the other end of the line.


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