Did you know that The director of Cannibal Holocaust had to prove in court that the actors were still alive and…

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you’ve probably seen Cannibal Holocaust from 1980 – a movie so utterly horrifying and gruesome that its director had to be investigated in a possible mass murder case.

Back when the movie hit theaters the special effects weren’t as astonishing and thrilling as they are nowadays.


So when Cannibal Holocaust’s effects stunned and petrified the masses, the movie instantly gained bad publicity for presenting footage of actual murders instead of a bunch of actors, props and good FX team. Less than two weeks after its original screening the film was confiscated and the director, Ruggero Deodato, was arrested and framed for mass murder. The contract with the actors, which forbid them from talking to the media, also raised suspicion. Deodato had to gather the actors just to prove they were alive and well and not murdered or eaten! Not only that, but he also had to explain and show exactly how he made some of the super gruesome scenes in the movie just to get the murder charges off his back!

Unfortunately, some animals were killed during the shooting of the movie. Deodato and part of the crew were charged for obscenity and animal cruelty.

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