Did you know that the way you name your child can reflect…

Choosing a name for your new born can be a long and difficult process. The father has their own tradition, and the mother has some cute name which may suit them for the first ten years of their life, and then ridicule them for the rest of it. But it may not just be the ridicule your child has to live with, it could determine where they live, their future job, and their behavior.


For example, the letter at the start of their name, means they have a greater chance of going into a career starting with that letter. Phillipes, Phillipas and Patricks are more likely to become a pilot. Bill and Ben, bankers!

Similarly, Georges, Georgias, and Georgies would be more attracted to living in the US State Georgia…weird huh?

Well, all this happens subconsciously in our brains, and so we are just unbeknownst to us, attracted to places, people and things that are similar to ourselves. This is called ‘implicit egotism’.

During our lives we write down our name hundreds, maybe thousands of times. As we do this more and more, they become more engrained in our minds, and our love for them grows.

Now, to me, implicit egotism sounds like some term an FBI profiler may use if they were hunting us down – so maybe we shouldn’t call our children Michael or Mitch, or they may turn into murderers…


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