Did you know that This girl is making her own mascara out of…

You will never believe what the newest DIY beauty trend is!
XXMakeupIsCoolXX, a YouTube video blogger from the US, is starting a quirky new makeup trend amongst her followers. Katharine Ward, the teenaged beauty blogger behind XXMakeupIsCoolXX, posted a tutorial on YouTube on how to make DIY mascara… out of Oreo cookies.


Yes, it sounds strange, and no, it’s probably not the best idea, but looks like Katharine’s followers are hooked on the idea. The girl’s short tutorial explains how to create the mascara from finely crushed Oreos (she actually used candy cane flavored ones in her video, though she used only the chocolate bits for the mascara), some water and face primer. The final result looks like a thick chocolate mixture and mores more like something you would put in your mouth rather than on your eye lashes. Nevertheless, Katharine applied her DIY Oreo mascara and it didn’t seem to hurt her eyes. She posted the tutorial on the 8th of January this year and it’s already passed 300,000 views.
Would you ever put crushed Oreos on your eye lashes or do you prefer to just eat them like a normal person?

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