Did you know that this guy divorced his wife just seconds after…

This has got to be the shortest marriage ever. Ever! One unnamed man decided to divorce his new bride…. Seconds after saying “I do”! The guy had walked out of the court room, in which the newlyweds had signed their papers, and he walked into another court room next door in order to divorce the woman.


Official reports state that the man’s unbelievable actions were provoked by the woman’s wish to keep her job. The groom, which made headlines for having the shortest marriage to date in the United Arab Emirates talked to a court director in Dubai and stated that he had basically been cheated by his wife and her father. The man claimed the woman’s father told him that the only way to marry the bride was to let her keep her job. The groom had been too embarrassed to turn down the condition. However, when he was saying his vows, he thought somehow the whole job condition had been sorted out. When he realized his wife was still keeping her job, he immediately went to the authorities in order to ask for a divorce!
The duo apparently divorced that very same day.

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