Did you know that this Russian powerlifting beauty who has the face of a …

This girl has been making headlines for quite some time now and there’s a big reason why – a reason as big as 40.5cm worth of muscular biceps!

Meet Julia “The Muscle Barbie” Vins, an 18 year old girl from Russia, who has both brawn and beauty. When she was younger, she was an outstanding student. She was studying art and music and was well-read. Thanks to her lovely looks, she was also compared to a doll.


However, she felt like she couldn’t find a purpose in her life, something to be passionate and determined about. That’s how she started going to the gym and training with a personal coach – she thought that if she could build up a strong body, she could find strength in her inner self. Julia started exercising for several hours for times a week and started weight lifting. In 2014 she was so good that she broke three powerlifting records and won a world powerlifting championship in Moscow, Russia. Not only that, but she’s very strict about how she looks. She’s interested in fashion, always wears make up and does her hair. She’s convinced she has to look attractive even when she’s sweating.
She’s 165cm tall, weighs 65kg and her biceps are 40.5cm round.

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