Did you know that this super fit mom gets up at 3am to train and is a mother of…

My stereotypical view of a mum who’s got packed lunches to make, and needs to get the children to school, is one who gets up at 6.30am, feeds the pets, makes the breakfast and lunches, drives the children to school, and meets up with other mums during the day. Maybe for a working mum, to go to work instead!


However, one mum, is so dedicated to her bodybuilding, that she finds her own time to do it. It’s not even like she doesn’t see her children! Purposefully because she wants to see her children, she wakes up at 3am every morning, goes to her gym and spends 3 hours working out. Getting home she then gets her children ready for school, and prepares all the fresh meals. She eats seven times a day!

Turning 40 next week, she is training to partake in the Arnold Classic Australia competition which is this weekend in Melbourne.

I’m really quite dedicated to the sport… But I try not to take to much away from the children – that’s the reason I get up so early.

Her workout includes a fasted cardio, meaning she hasn’t eaten, followed by a protein drink, and then the weight room! By the time she gets home at 6.30am, she’s making the kids lunch and packing them off to school!

As all the food she and her children eat is fresh, she spends the day before preparing these meals, and then she and her husband go back to the gym that they run, to work with their clients.

Her breakfast usually comprises of protein powder with oats, and then every two hours she eats another five ounces of protein and about 1/3 cup of brown rice! This isn’t all she has to do though. To be able to keep all this up, she sacrifices a lot of sleep as well as her social life.

I’ve never been one to go out and drink alcohol but there’s small sacrifices along the way. I can’t stand around at school and talk to other mums because I’ve got to get back to the gym.

Her super dedication to being a bodybuilder also passes on to her children, and they definitely have an extensive education in nutrition, but Amanda Doherty believes that her children are indeed very proud of her! She did even actually take a break from bodybuilding – when she was 27 which was to start her family!

Since having her fourth child, she has gone straight back into bodybuilding, and says that she is glad she has! Since, she has done 3 shows, and aiming to have done 5 this year!

She is also very popular on her social media, with over 50,000 followers checking up on what she’s doing!


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