Everyone Wears Flip-Flops During The Summer, But Here Are 10 Important Reasons NOT To

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to put away those awful sweatshirts and bring out your seasonal best. And what better way to celebrate the sunny season than by digging out your favorite pair of flip-flops?

Actually, you should probably just keep them in storage. Even if you only wear them occasionally, you’re going to want to sit down and read this list of awful flip-flop facts. These summer staples can seriously ruin your feet.

1. Flip-flops slow you down.


Have you ever tried running in flip-flops? It’s like playing the piano with mittens. In theory, you could probably do it, but in practice? It’s a terrible chore.

2. There’s a 100% chance you’ll trip at some point.


Let’s be honest here. Have you ever worn a pair of flip-flops and not stubbed your toe? I didn’t think so.

3. They can make it painful to walk.


I once got Achilles tendonitis from consistently wearing a pair of flip-flops. Sure, they looked cool in the summer, but it was painful to walk in the fall, even in my most comfortable shoes.

4. They give you horrible posture.


If you think walking everywhere on unnaturally flat shoes is actually good for you, think again. If they don’t bend with your foot, then they aren’t good for the rest of your body.

5. They will make your bunions worse.


You know that bump on the base of your toe? If you keep putting pressure on it in a pair of flip-flops, it’s going to get significantly worse. Trust me.

6. You’re on your way to Blister City.


How often do the straps on your flip-flops rub against the most sensitive part of your feet? A lot. This can cause irritation or even uncomfortable blisters. And if you’re walking around with blisters, they’re bound to pop at some point, which is even worse.

7. They’re teeming with bacteria.


Your feet are exposed to the elements when wearing flip-flops, so there’s a good chance you’ll pick up something nasty. And heaven forbid you have a cut on your foot. You could expose yourself to bacteria, fungus, or worse!

8. They can wreck your heels.


You’re basically walking around with only a thin piece of foam between you and the ground. This material wears down pretty quickly, and it picks up a whole bunch of nastiness along the way. Plus, you put a ton of pressure on your heels whenever you’re walking around in flip-flops. This is more pressure than your poor heels are used to. Give them a break!

9. They’re made from some questionable (read: toxic) materials.


You know those BPA-free bottles you take with you to the beach? Where do you think all the BPA went? You only need to look as far as your feet.

10. They will straight-up ruin your feet.


Wearing flip-flops all the time can cause hammer toe, which permanently bends your toe in an unsightly and painful manner. Just think about it: buying a $5 pair of flip-flops can leave you spending thousands of dollars on medical expenses.

It’s time to ditch those awful flip-flops before they ruin your feet forever and get a nice pair of sandals instead. After all, sandals have been around for way longer than flip-flops, and they bend with your feet like a good shoe is supposed to. Your feet will thank you.

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