He Was Remodeling His Home When He Found This Hidden Door – And What Was Inside

If you’ve ever bought a house, you probably know the odd feeling of walking into a place that is legally your home, but clearly once belonged to someone else. You might even find remnants of the lives the former tenants lived.

Redditor Tallest_Waldo was remodeling his home a few years ago when he came across a previously undiscovered door to a secret basement. What he found will likely lead him to board it up forever.
A creepy-looking trapdoor in an already creepy-looking room.


The cool thing about going in by ladder is how your back is turned to the darkness as you enter.


At first, things in the secret basement seemed normal. These are some shelves that don’t look too nefarious at all.


Then he noticed some chains. Heavy chains.


Someone clearly spent a lot of time in here.


Finally, Tallest_Waldo looked at the back wall and found a satanic prayer, along with crude depictions of flames and creatures of the dark.


The original reddit thread seems to be in an eternal debate over whether or not this is a sex-oriented dungeon or just a regular ole dungeon. Either way, I’d prefer not to live above any dungeon. After remodeling, what would you even do with that room? Make it your kid’s playroom? I think I’d just board it up and pretend I never found it in the first place.

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