Heroes of Popular Memes – Then & Now

9. Overly Attached Girlfriend

Laina Walker posted a cover of a Justin Bieber song on YouTube and a bit later, she was famous. Because she has creepy mankiller-eyes.

8. Bad Luck Brian

Kyle Craven had this picture taken in college. The picture was allegedly taken repeatedly because the teachers thought he was deliberately pulling a face. That’s awkward.

7. “Ermahgerd”

Maggie Goldenberger currently works as a nurse, but created a meme long before that. Her excited face (and the braces) led to people interpreting her expression as “Ermahgerd!”
Because why not.

6. Side-Eye Chloe

Chloe became a meme when she reacted to her sister crying of pure joy because they were going to Disneyland. Apparently, Chloe didn’t feel like such a strong reaction was needed for such a simple feat.

5. Dissatisfied McKayla

This is the face you make when you win silver at the Olympics but you’re sure you should’ve won the gold instead. It’s sad that more people will remember her reaction after the competition rather than her actual match in the Olympics.

4. Outraged girl

This is kind of cheating, but we’ll allow it. Well, the Internet allowed it. This is Mia Talerico, an actress playing in the show Good Luck Charlie. This expressive face was actually a shot from that show.

3.  Good Guy Greg

2. Outraged girl

1. Hipster Barista


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