In Belgium there is a “Drama Button” and when you push it something bad will happen

In 2012 TNT decided to create an unusual and spectacular ad. The concept of the advertisement was very simple and with unexpected outcome. They put a “Drama button” at the center of random city in Belgium. When it gets pushed something bad happens. The first video had involved paramedics, random people, girls on motorcycles, criminal gans and police officers. By the time the one who pushed the button realizes what’s happening everything is over. This was one of the most successful pranks / advertisments of TNT.

Check out the video of the first Advertisement below:

The first advertisement was so successful that they decided to create a second one, which was quite different.The second “Push to add drama” button was placed at the center of random city as the first one, but this time the “drama” was quite bigger. Here we have involved explosions, kidnapping, people without clothes running around and much more. If you are wondering why this ads were filmed in Belgium and not US, it’s because people in US could have pressed charges for too much stress, or someone with a real gun could have took a part in the shooting. However in this ads no one got hurt or had such a bad reaction.

Check out the second Advertisement below:

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