Insane Brushes With Death That Make These The Luckiest People Ever

Life is full of all sorts of close calls that we might never even realize. Who knows how many times each day we are mere feet from danger and don’t even notice it? Thankfully, most of the time, we escape potentially sticky situations unscathed.

Few of us, however, have ever survived anything remotely as nail-bitingly close as what these folks experienced. There are close calls, and then there’s being millimeters from certain doom.

These 13 people somehow miraculously came away unharmed from potentially deadly scenarios. When you see them, you’ll be counting your lucky stars just in case you end up in a similar situation!

 This “ax through the windshield” scenario took place on southbound I-95 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The ax flew off a contractor’s truck after it wasn’t properly secured. Yikes!

 Phew! This one isn’t just close, it’s downright nuts! It looks like it could be a scene from the new Fate of the Furious movie. Is this actually some sort of stunt? It’s that crazy.

 “Oh, that’s a nice demolition going on there. Sure would be a shame if something came flying out of the rubble straight toward my face, but there is just no way that—WHOA!”

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