This Mysterious Fortress In Russia Has Experts Baffled As To Its Origins History, Photography

The world is full of man-made structural marvels. Just go to any city or world landmark and you’ll see a whole lot of architecture that’s as fascinating as it is impressive.

Sometimes, though, the origin of these epic creations is shrouded in mystery. No one is quite sure who the original builders were. This adds an element of secrecy that excites historians and visitors alike.

One such creation is the Por-Bajin in Russia. It’s a 1,300-year-old fortress that’s located on a distant Siberian island. It has world experts, and even Vladimir Putin himself, baffled by its presence.

Wherever you are in the world, you can see amazing examples of architecture. From the pyramids to city skyscrapers, there’s no shortage of man-made marvels. All you can do is stare in awe and ask yourself, “how did that get there?”

But sometimes the origin of these structural achievements is shrouded in mystery. A perfect example of this is the Por-Bajin. Located on a distant Siberian island in Russia, the Por-Bajin has baffled tourists and experts alike.

Built 1,300 years ago, the Por-Bajin is a huge concrete rectangle that resembles a fortress. Many people think that’s what it actually was, based on the layout and the size. There was plenty of room to house inmates in its confines.

But others say that it was created to attract people, not imprison them. Whoever built this structure intended it to be a bustling commune for trade. It’s located right on a body of water so trade ships could easily buy and sell goods.

But still others believe it to have been a monastery or some sort of sacred site used for religious observances. They’re all feasible suggestions, however, no one is entirely sure of the true answer, or how to even go about finding one.

Even Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has no idea what it is. You would think that the leader of the country would be able to shed some light, but he’s equally as puzzled. Putin said of the fortress, “I have been to many places, I have seen many things, but I have never seen anything of this kind.”

The Por-Bajin has two very odd aspects to it that have experts asking questions. First, no one is sure why such a massive piece of architecture was built so far from any other type of community or trade route. Why would a group of people want to live so far away from the rest of society?

Secondly, the Por-Bajin does not have any type of internal heating system. The island is located 7,000 meters above sea level and gets extremely cold in the winter. It would have been almost uninhabitable by humans if they weren’t prepared for the brutal winter months. It didn’t seem like Por-Bajin had any sort of protection against harsh weather. How was anyone able to stay here for an extended amount of time? The world may never know…

Even though experts don’t know too much about the Por-Bajin, they’ll keep doing the research to hopefully one day get the answers. Check out the video below to see inside this mysterious structure!

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