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Poland Builds World’s Largest Snow Maze That’s Bigger Than 10 Tennis Courts

A giant snow maze called “Snowlandia” was built in the small Polish town of Zakopane, one of Poland’s most popular skiing destinations, and you better bring a thermos – because getting out is going to take you a while.

A giant snow maze was recently opened in Poland

50 workers took almost a month to build the maze using over 60,000 ice blocks. They even built a 16 m (52.5 ft) tall snow castle that you can enter next to it.

Snowlandia is bigger than 10 tennis courts, making it the biggest snow maze in the world

Over 60,000 ice blocks were used to create the maze

The maze is lit up with colorful lights during night time, making the whole area look almost like something from a fantasy book.

It took 50 workers over a month to build

There’s even a huge snow castle you can visit next to it

It’s full of amazing sculptures and treasures you can explore

Artists from Poland and Slovakia created the sculptures to decorate both the maze and the castle. You can already begin planning your trip – Snowlandia is scheduled to open again in January 2020!

There’s even an ice throne if you’re not afraid to freeze your butt!

The visitors seem to love Snowlandia

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