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This Brazilian Artist Turns Your Favorite Childhood Heroes And Food Into Creepy Characters

Yan Blanco is a 24-year-old freelance artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is a pro at turning your favorite childhood heroes into characters you’re more likely to see in horror movies. There’s just something very disturbing about the artist’s style that’s hard to describe – the characters he recreates are creepily human-like, overly high-detailed and… fleshy? I’m pretty sure you’ll understand what I mean when you see some of his works.

So far Yan has recreated many of our favorite characters, as well as various other items, and all of them look incredibly eerie – check out his works in the gallery below!

Peppa Pig

Bugs Bunny

Tin Woodman

Bananas In Pyjamas



Mr. Carrot



Santa Claus

The Junkie Fish


Carnivorous Plant

Lonely Tree

Little Dolly


Boxer Pig

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