This man accidentally got invited to Obama meeting. Can you guess who he is?

If you’ve been sent an invite to go and see the President of the United States, you’d probably go looking through your wardrobe for your best suit, get it cleaned, and polish your shoes. However, one man didn’t have the luxury of knowing about this meeting, and so decided to go in somewhat less formal attire.


It’s said that an invite was sent to the Hill Air Force Base in Utah by the Obama administration asking for a rep. Although it was thought that they just wanted a rep to be in an audience for some kind of presentation/speech, it was actually an invitation for a rep to be at the special round table along with the president. Because of that, one of the workers, in his polo shirt, was sent, rather than the CEO of the company probably should’ve been.

If that was me in that meeting, I’d be feeling highly embarrassed, but it seems that he himself wasn’t too uncomfortable. He kept his smile and eye contact on top form, and looked like he meant to be there, and maybe he got away with it. That’d be a fun conversation to have with Obama after the meeting over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for him) we can’t see what he was wearing on the bottom half…


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