This woman’s liver transplant not only saved her life, but also changed her blood type

A teenage girl awoke from a liver transplant with a different blood type than her own. It might sound strange and absolutely impossible, but a young girl’s blood type somehow changed after she had a liver transplant.

Phenomenon ... A grateful Demi-Lee Brennan.

Demi-Lee Brennan was 15 years old when she underwent transplant surgery. The transplant not only saved the girl’s life, but also miraculously changed Demi-Lee’s blood type from O-Negative to O-Positive. According to the medics, the change has made it possible for Demi-Lee to say goodbye to the anti-rejection drugs which she would have had to take for the rest of her life, as is common amongst people who have undergone organ transplants. The doctors were amazed not only by the fact that her blood type had changed, but also by the discovery that the blood cells of the transplanted liver were actually surviving more successfully than the girl’s own cells.
The medics have absolutely no idea how the whole change has happened. Even though they didn’t believe it at first, they are now feeling hopeful that Demi-Lee’s case can be the key to a revolutionary discovery related to the future of organ transplanting.

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